Cable operators starting to embrace connected consumer devices; 3D TV sales not exactly taking off

>  Rather than worrying about the plethora of connected devices swamping their subscribers' homes, cable operators are beginning to look at them as competitively harmless or, even better competitively helpful, according to the latest movements within the industry. Story.

> Speaking of devices within subscriber homes, the latest, hardly surprising statistics indicate that 3D TVs are moving off retailer shelves, but there's no big hurry to restock the space because the space is never empty. In other words, they're selling like ... well, like 3D TVs, not hotcakes. Story.

> And in yet another bit of consumer electronics news, word is that Sony and Hulu are "close to an agreement" and a deal where Hulu puts its subscription service on Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles could happen as early as next week. Story.

> Speaking of interactive TV (we were somewhere in this issue) itaas, an end-to-end iTV technology provider has opened a new office in Ontario, Canada and expanded both its U.S. headquarters and offices in India. Business has been good, said Jaspal Bhasin, itaas' COO, who said the company's gearing up to work with "U.S. and Canadian customers for the deployment of iTV solutions which include technologies such as EBIF, tru2way and IP." News release.

And finally... Cord cutters take heart and don't believe everything you read about the popularity of TV making resurgence. A story in the Eugene, Ore. Register-Guard claims that consumers view their cell phones as necessities, not luxuries, and would keep them ahead of cable TV. The bad news for the wireless providers: "the era of cell phone penny pinching is officially here."