Cable shooter busted in Ohio; TV of the Future

> Enquiring minds wanted to know, so here it is. Jackson County, Ohio police have arrested and charged a man with using a weapon while intoxicated, among other things. Ross' shooting spree struck a Time Warner Cable line and disrupted service for over 15 hours. Story.

> Chilean children got some inadvertent educational programming from cable company VTR when a technical error caused Playboy programming to pop up on the Disney Channel. "My daughter showed me the TV and said 'look mommy'--and I almost fell of my chair," one mother said. The intrusion apparently happened as technicians were updating the system, the cable company said. Story.

> John Lewis' flagship Oxford Street store has sold the U.K.'s first 3D TV to a 28-year-old man who is apparently a time traveler. "I have been waiting for this a long time; there's lots of exciting 3D content on the way and it's set to be the TV of the future," he said. Story.

> Israeli company Playcast Media is negotiating deals with "leading cable TV providers around the world" to host gaming content it plans to stream through ordinary set top boxes via standard cable lines. Playcast bypassed the Internet because "only Google makes money online," said COO Alon Shtruzman. Story.

> has worked up a tutorial advising readers how to buy an Internet-ready TV, even though it immediately cautioned "TVs have a long way to go before they become the alpha and omega of living room devices." Story.

> Upcoming vendor earnings releases include Motorola on April 29 and BigBand Networks on May 6.