Cable should push harder into cell phone business

Cable companies aren't doing enough to get into the cellular business, according to a post on which maintains that "cable companies need to think bigger, much bigger."

The gist of the piece by Jonah Bliss, which should draw the attention of cable execs watching the cutting edge elements of the telecommunications space, is that cable must include cell phone service as the next logical extension of its bundle of voice, video and data services. "Every provider out there offers phone services now (but) this is like trying to save a man with clogged arteries by transplanting a dead heart into him," the item said. "The writing is on the wall and if the cable companies want to keep growing they are going to need to offer cell phone service."

Some cable companies have plans. Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House Networks are part of the Clearwire consortium of fourth generation WiMAX wireless that could be used for cell phones. Cox is testing the mobile waters but has yet to say when it will roll out service and Cablevision has been toying with cell phones along with its WiFi service "but thus far none of the cablecos really have much to show for all their talk," the item concludes.

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