Cable subs would rather switch than fight

There's no brand loyalty when it comes to pay TV--at least for cable subscribers. Two-thirds of American cable subscribers queried by Strategy Analytics for a subscriber satisfaction survey said they'd drop their cable service in a New York minute if they could get it 20 percent cheaper from someone else.

That's called churn. Cable execs' stomachs must be churning acid at the report's other finding: only 33 percent of telco TV/IPTV subs would abandon their service providers.

The report had some other findings. While most respondents reportedly were very or somewhat satisfied with their digital television service, Telco/IPTV customers, at 95 percent, were the happiest while only 67 percent of cable subs fell into that category. The study's real kicker is that fewer than 22 percent of all the subscribers--cable, telco or satellite--feel they're getting "value for money" that goes beyond what they expect.

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