Cable to drive Disney earnings; cord cutters mostly young

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> Super Bowl on cable alert: Cable TV, driven by ESPN's Monday Night Football, is expected to lead the way as Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) delivers positive quarterly earnings. Story.

> In nothing short of a major surprise, Nielsen executive Howard Shimmel found that most cord-cutters are 25-34 year-olds out on their own for the first time. Of course, they're also unlikely to drive BMWs. Story.

> The IEEE has published its final BPL standard, charging up prospects for a long-simmering networking play. Story.

> Hulu CEO Jason Kilar (initially incorrectly identified as Jason Kilner) has reportedly annoyed his bosses sufficiently to endanger his job. Story.

> In what could be the first of a serious of such geographically specific stories, Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is reportedly raising prices in East Central Illinois. East Central? Story.

And finally ... Global Crossing (Nasdaq: GLBC) thinks the FCC should step in and regulate last-mile Internet connection pricing because peering relationships are getting out of whack. Story.