Cable vs. satellite in the HD war of words

Throughout much of last year, the IPTV sector sung the praises of high definition television or HDTV as their future saving grace, the trump card against cable MSOs. DBS satellite TV service providers, however, currently have the HD advantage over other players in the field, so much so that they're taking Comcast to court for besmirching their HD offerings.

Comcast has been running print ads that read: "Comcast wins the HD Picture Challenge. Satellite customers agree: HD looks better with Comcast." Comcast says the statements summarize findings of a poll it commissioned through Frank N. Magid Associates that showed viewers side by side viewings of the two services. Comcast said that "two-thirds of satellite customers expressing a preference" between Comcast and DirecTV or Comcast and Dish Network preferred Comcast's picture.

The wording is careful, to be sure. "Two-thirds of satellite customers expressing a preference." So, as a hypothetical: If 100 people viewed the side-by-side, 90 could have said they saw no difference. Six could have said Comcast while the other four said one of the DBS operators.

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