CableLabs cozies up with Euro cousins; Cox consolidates systems

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> CableLabs and CableLabs Europe became closer with a one-year program to collaborate on research projects where the two R&D consortia have vested interests. News release.

> Following the axiom that less is more--especially if your parents named you Lester Moore--Cox Communications has shrunk its field systems from 11 to nine. The move folds the Omaha/Sun Valley system into Kansas/Arkansas operations and combines San Diego and Orange Coast California. Story.

> The NTIA has told several federal agencies, including Homeland Security, that satellite-terrestrial LTE network provider LightSquared will interfere with government communications services. The network is being built as a potential challenge to broadband wireless providers or as a mobile play for cable, depending on how you look at it. Story.

> Proving that it makes more than dinnerware (in case anyone still believed that), Corning has won a $1.2 billion fiber optics deal with the nascent Australian national broadband network. Story.

> Roku has landed a cable channel: WealthTV. Doesn't this seem a bit contradictory? A channel dedicated to wealth on a service that's trying to make an impact by costing less? Story.

> Here's one that many nostalgiasts might feel as a beanball. A deal to sell Turner's Peachtree TV channel could mark the first time since 1976 that Atlanta Braves' baseball games won't be carried on a Turner-owned property. Turner and the Braves, to those with long memories, are like peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, cable and rate hikes. Story.

And finally ... there's some of a "say it ain't so, Joe" aspect to Frontier's handling of its FiOS video service. Despite every indication that Frontier wants out of video, WANE in Fort Wayne, Ind. is hopefully reporting that "company representatives will release more information Tuesday." Like what, how to mortgage your home to pay for FiOS? Story.