CableOne, Knology join NFL Network; NJ trains look for WiFi provider

> CableOne and Knology (Nasdaq: KNOL) have become the two latest cable operators to embrace the NFL Network as part of a deal that programming service inked with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). Story.

> Public transportation commuters on New Jersey Transit could soon have access to WiFi as they ride the rails in the Garden State. NJ Transit is looking for a provider for wireless broadband at stations and on the trains and will hold a conference with the contenders next Thursday at its headquarters in Newark. Of course, commuters would also have to find a seat and have the elbow room to use the service, but what they hey, details are just details. Story.

> Speaking of New Jersey, Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is rolling out its Deluxe 100 business class service to customers in Pleasantville, Vineland, Wildwood and Avalon. Of course the rollout of those 100 Mbps commercial speeds could be impacted by Hurricane Earl which, some sources say, may pack 100 mile-an-hour winds if it decides to pay an unpleasant visit to those South Jersey communities tomorrow. Story.

> A survey conducted by Radio Times and has determined that 34 percent of British consumers are now watching their TV via online on-demand services. Students, always on the cutting edge of these things, are doing so at an even more alarming (if you're a traditional provider) pace as 56 percent have cut the proverbial cord. The news is tempered, perhaps even influenced, by the fact that 42 percent of consumers will have watched content on BBC-produced platforms. Story.

And finally... word is that MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy have concluded their merger and will be focusing on the small business market in competition with the cable industry. Story.