Cablevision and Cox score high in business customer satisfaction survey

MSOs have been talking the talk about providing ultra-high quality service to commercial customers. Now, according to J.D. Power and Associates, they're walking the walk. Cox Communications and Cablevision's Optimum Business have joined traditional commercial services provider Verizon at the top of pile for providing reliable and customer-satisfying commercial services.

J.D. Power reported the findings in its 2010 Major Provider Business Telecommunications Study--Data Services.

Cablevision topped the list for home-based businesses with one to five employees, scoring 645 out of 1,000. Cox was best in small/mid-sized businesses of 2 to 499 employees (seems like some overlap there) with a 683 and Cablevision came in second at 668. And, really no surprise, Verizon topped every in the large enterprise business segment of companies with 500 or more employees with a 696. AT&T came in second in that category at 680, proving that the cable industry is either not targeting those customers or is not trusted by them.

While a number of factors were considered in the rankings, J.D. Power took space in its news release to point to improved customer uptime (or shorter outages, if you like) as a reason why service is improving.

"While carriers will never be able to eliminate outages due to weather or natural disasters, reducing outages directly attributable to factors they can control may have a favorable impact on customer retention and the provider's bottom line," said Frank Perrazini, J.D. Power's telecommunications director in a news release.

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