Cablevision ups ante in challenge to AT&T, Verizon in Tri-State area

The battle for subscribers in the Tri-State area around New York is intensifying with Cablevision Systems offering an aggressive triple-play package that's likely to give AT&T and Verizon fits.

The Ultimate Triple Play package includes a 50 Mbps Internet service, a VoIP phone service with a dozen and a half calling features, a 275-channel video service, and a wireless router that allows customers to display PC images and sounds on their TVs, all for under $100 a month.

The router also allows customers to connect with an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad and Cablevision's iPad app that allows access to all content from the MSO.

"The Ultimate Triple Play takes our compelling value proposition, across all three services, and ties it together with faster Internet speeds, Optimum Link and an advanced wireless router that is a perfect complement to our new Optimum App for iPad," said Jonathan Hargis, Cablevision's EVP of marketing. "We believe this will be an extremely popular offer, with new customers looking for the advantages of our core services combined with our latest technological innovations."

UTP follows on the heels of Cablevision's long-time Optimum Triple Play, which the operator launched in 2004.

"It has been an enormously successful offer for Cablevision and one that has been emulated across the industry to establish three-product relationships with customers," said Hargis.

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