Can IP push Blu-ray out of the way?

IPTV, advanced cable TV, video-on-demand and related services from telcos, cable TV players and satellite TV firms are already perceived to have somewhat marginalized the DVD player and maybe the DVR as standalone devices and features potentially integrated with the TV itself. But, what about Blu-ray? TWICE magazine asked a panel of consumer electronics retailers and others about the impact that IPTV (in this case any IP-connected TV) might have on the emerging video platform.

For the most part, it sounds like retailers aren't impressed by IPTV yet, though Internt-connected TVs certainly did make a big splash at the Consumer Electronics Show last January. One panelist, Ross Rubin of NPD Group, notes that VoD could indeed present a challenge to Blu-ray, which is what telco in particular would like to hear.

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