Canadian media companies want over-the-top to be under the scrutiny of regulators

The regulatory sword can be double edged. U.S. program providers and pay TV services generally fight any additional intrusions by the regulatory guys--unless, of course, it's to stop increased retransmission fees--while Canadian television and cable operators want the government to start regulating over-the-top Internet providers like Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX).

The "Over-the-Top Services Working Group" denies that it's targeting Netflix but admits it wants the government to look at services like Netflix that are cropping up in the Great White North. The group is also wrapping itself in the maple leaf flag to make its point.

"The objective is really, that from an industry point of view, that we maintain a level playing field within the system--a system that is a very positive and strong element in terms of our Canadian culture, identity and the Canadian economy," said Andre Bureau, a member of the working group. "We are trying to make sure that we see the regulator looking at it from the same point of view."

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