Canadian provider Quebecor sets wireless launch date; Allbritton rails against Comcast-NBCU

> Canadian triple play provider and newspaper publisher Quebecor (Other OTC: QBCAF.PK) plans to add a new wireless business as a "fourth pillar of our telecom (operations) ... positioning our company to a new growth segment," CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau said. He added that for Quebecor, which has been pushing a new 24-hour news channel, "the next big thing is our wireless launch." Story.

> Albritton, the parent company of a couple "influential" D.C. news operations has lined up against Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal and is running Web advertisements as well as on cable and broadcast television "about the potential pitfalls" of such as combination. Story.

> Not surprisingly, Viacom (NYSE: VIA) officially appealed a federal judge's decision in June that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects Google and YouTube from the content provider's copyright infringement claims. Viacom, believing otherwise, was seeking $1 billion in damages from the search engine and social media site. Story.

> A who's who of companies, including Sigma Designs, Hitachi, Verizon, Comcast and AT&T will participate in the Digital Home Summit conference co-located with the FTTH Conference and Expo in Vegas next month. News release.

> Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) has set up a deal to sell ads on behalf of DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV), expanding the reach of its Google ad network to 30 million households. Google is already working with Dish Network. No date has been set for a rollout of the DirecTV relationship. Story.

And finally... You have to believe broadband is important when its thrown into the election time "pork barrel" with railroad building. That's the case in Australia where, it possible, broadband is more politically charged than in the U.S. The pork barrel is a proposal to spend $43 billion for a nationwide broadband network. An inland rail line, on the other hand, only gets $4.7 billion and a commuter rail line $2.6 billion. Story.

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