Canoe: Ad impressions more than tripled from Q1 to Q4 to 2.52B

Cable industry consortium Canoe says its campaign for dynamic ad insertion (DAI) into VOD more than tripled from Q1 to Q4 in terms of impressions, with the last quarter of 2014 producing 2.52 billion impressions.

The joint venture, which is now focused on cable VOD DAI advertising, reported in its 2014 Year-End Report that 6.3 billion ad impressions were delivered through cable VOD last year, with each quarter growing more than 20 percent over the previous one.

Mid-roll ads compiled the majority of impressions, tallying 5.2 billion, with pre-roll coming in at 674.4 million and post-roll at 360.8 million.

Canoe VOD DAI is now enabled across multiple cable operator platforms in more than 32 million digital cable households in the U.S. The joint venture is currently "stewarding" ads for more than networks.

Canoe handled 1,924 DAI campaigns in 2014, 864 of them in the fourth quarter alone.

"We are pleased to see the kind of tremendous usage of the Canoe platform reflected in this report," said Canoe CEO Joel Hassell, in a statement. "And that this volume comes from both returning marketers and new advertisers who are finding the quality of cable VOD a viable option in their media mix."

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