Canoe delivers 6B dynamic ad insertion impressions in Q1, up 25%

Canoe chart
Canoe delivered 6 billion VOD DAI impressions in the first quarter across its 36 million-home footprint. (Canoe)

Continuing to tell a familiar story of ad delivery growth, advanced advertising consortium Canoe said it had delivered 6 billion cable VOD dynamic ad insertion (DAI) impressions in the first quarter.

For Canoe, which is backed by Comcast, Charter and Cox, that actually marks a reacceleration of growth, with impressions increasing 25% in the first quarter. After the first quarter of 2017, the consortium announced that impressions had jumped 21% and that its revenue from DAI had reached $1 billion.

Canoe made its latest quarterly announcement from the Pay TV Show in Denver, an event produced by FierceCable parent company Questex. 

“Even with connected devices capturing more market share in 2017, VOD DAI commands a 19% share of overall premium video ad views,” said Joel Hassell, CEO of Canoe, in a statement. 

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Canoe’s VOD DAI service reaches 36 million cable homes across the U.S., representing the top 150 designated marketing areas (DMAs). Canoe handles for more than 100 national TV networks. 

In its release, Canoe said ad frequency—a measurement of how often viewers see the same ad campaign more than once in a single episode of a show—was at 57%. Ad complete rates—a measurement of how often mid-roll impressions were viewed to completion—was 99%. Ad loads averaged less than four adds per mid-roll pod. 

Every quarter, Canoe announces significant increases in VOD DAI impressions. But the consortium releases very little data as to how much revenue this business is actually generating. 

"It's safe to say the VOD ad market is now a $1 billion advertising marketplace when you include national programmers and local MVPD VOD," Pizzurro told Fierce in April of last year. 

We have not heard another revenue figure from Canoe since that time.