Canoe research says ads help regardless of click-through

The cable TV industry, looking to boost the viability of interactive TV advertising, is now touting how brand awareness of advertisers is enhanced by ITV overlays even when TV viewers don't lick through the ads.

The cable industry's Canoe Ventures consortium unveiled the results of a study conducted by E-Poll Market Research, along with several cable TV advertisers.

Canoe says the results show that the interactive request-for-information bubbles increase brand awareness over ads that do not include the RFI overlays. E-Poll conducted the study by analyzing a control group of users watching commercials without RFI overlays, and comparing it to a group of viewers watching the same TV commercials with the interactive RFI overlays added.

The results showed that unaided ad awareness increased 26 percent for the test group versus the control group, while unaided brand awareness was up by 23 percent. Multichannel News also reports that the results further suggested that purchase intent--the desire to buy the brand advertised--was shown by 28 percent more viewers in the test group. In addition, 19 percent more viewers who had seen the RFI overlays said they were likely to look for the brand at the point of sale.

Interactive Canoe ads now reach more than 25 million TV viewers, but Canoe is looking for new ways to promote its efforts. The consortium's leadership team was restructured this summer, and since then, the group has appeared to beef up its promotional efforts. The findings of its new study are in a whitepaper titled "Understanding the Brand Efficacy of RFI," now available from Canoe.

The study also follows the positive results of another study by Canoe and the Association of National Advertisers, which showed that viewers in the age 18-49 demographic were likely to request additional information on a product after viewing an ITV spot.

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