Cartoon Network app to deliver content bites with no authentication required

Cartoon Network is planning to move some small chunks of content off the cable TV platform and onto the mobile phone later this year with a "micro technology" app that delivers 15-second content bursts to mobile devices.

The app will not require cable authorization--a change from current Watch Cartoon network apps--and is designed to stretch the content provider's viewing opportunities to new media, a blog post in the New York Times said.

"What does a television network look like on a new device?" asked Cartoon Network Digital Vice President Chris Waldron in the story. "The micro-network is designed for the phone. This is a four-inch device concept."

If all goes according to plan, the new app will provide a mix of interactive and video content including games and possibly some new animations. Cartoon Network will monitor usage and determine, based on viewer likes, what is the most successful content being shown.

The goal, Waldron said in the blog item, is to "boil down Cartoon Network to its essence, to the smallest device."

For more:
- the New York Times carried this blog item
- and Morning News USA carried this story

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