Casa CCAP part of DOCSIS 3.1 demo that is reaching 400 Mbps upstream speed at CableLabs Winter Conference

Cable edge equipment vendor Casa Systems says its Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) is part of a DOCSIS 3.1 demo reaching upstream speeds of 400 Mbps currently being deployed at the CableLabs Winter Conference in Orlando, Fla.

The live network simulation is running on Casa's C40G high-density US 16x8 module. Casa Systems is one of the first CCAP providers to show DOCSIS 3.1 multi-Mbps upstream traffic.

"Our CCAP solutions were built with DOCSIS 3.1 in mind and are based on a software-defined architecture, so service providers can take advantage of the standard's full potential today with no field upgrades, while also meeting future ultra-broadband requirements more easily and cost-effectively," said Jerry Guo, CEO of Casa Systems.

You can read the full Casa Systems press release here.