Casa Systems preparing for IPO, report says

Thriving amidst the growth in demand for converged cable access platforms (CCAP), Andover, Mass.-based Casa Systems is readying for an IPO.

This is according to Light Reading, which quoted CEO Jerry Guo as saying Casa is "preparing for it and making ourselves ready" for such an initial publish offering.

"We have all the right ingredients for a successful IPO," Guo said. "We have very high growth rate. That's very rare, even compared to other successful big companies. And we are cash flow positive, and not too many of them are like that."

Guo didn't offer a timeline for a potential launch.

Casa's growth is linked directly to burgeoning demand for CCAP, a platform that combines the functions of cable modem termination system (CMTS) and edge QAM at the cable headend. Case competes in this market with Cisco and Arris.

In a March report, Infonetics analyst Jeff Heynen tied a 114 percent increase in DOCSIS channel shipments in 2014 directly to the proliferation of CCAP.

"The continued growth of DOCSIS channel shipments is a strong sign of multiple system operators' (MSOs) ongoing investment to ramp DOCSIS bandwidth and services like IP video by splitting optical nodes and reducing service group sizes via CCAP," he wrote.

"We look for the upward trend in channels on CCAP and CMTS platforms to continue to grow as operators prepare their networks for DOCSIS 3.1 and remote physical (R PHY) architectures, though the growth will come principally from CCAP products," Heynen added.

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