Cavalier partners with DirecTV

Richmond, Va.-based Cavalier Telephone has become the latest telco partner of satellite TV operator DirecTV. The independent regional telco previously has offered Tv services over DSL on a limited basis in Richmond and Norfolk, Va., but now appears to be turning to satellite TV for near-term future expansion.

The DirecTV service will become part of Cavalier's C3 bundle and other service packages, the company said in a press release. That bundle, under a rebate program, starts at $75 per month for 12 months. While Dish Network has been a popular satellite TV partner for smaller telcos, DirecTV has had much success teaming with the three remaining former Bell companies. AT&T recently renewed a partnership with DirecTV that made DirecTV the only satellite TV offering the telco re-sells.

For more:
- Here's the Cavalier press release

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