CBS Interactive: Most approachable media co.?

Broadcasting and Cable has an interesting interview with CBS Interactive's new president, Quincy Smith. Choice quotes:

  • "There is absolutely the need to make sure CBS gets our content out to as many platforms as we can."
  • "There's lots of demand. There are a lot of new eyeballs out there that we can reach-arguably, with a better cost structure as well."
  • "We're all about generating a community around user-generated content, but there's also commercial application that can get our content out just as aggressively and effectively as an acquisition."
  • "CBS is going to lead through innovation and not copyright suits... We've just got to be smart about how to monetize and take advantage of the systems as opposed to letting them take advantage of us."
  • "Other content companies are taking their content off YouTube while we're putting more up. That means we get to benefit more from the mainstream community, and the others don't... We want to be the most approachable media company."

For more from Smith:
- read this interview from Broadcasting and Cable

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