CBS won't be giving up its spectrum to the FCC and wireless

CBS isn't planning on giving up any of its spectrum and doesn't want to share it with other stations, it told the FCC. On the other hand, the Eye Network concedes the FCC's right to repack and improve digital VHF transmissions as part of a plan to recoup spectrum for wireless broadband. As long as the process remains "voluntary."

While the network did say it "values the opportunities broadband yields for wider distribution of its content," it added it won't take any steps to make its spectrum available for those purposes and "does not intend to participate in the incentive auctions."

CBS asked the FCC to keep in mind that those who participate and sell off their spectrum "will no longer be serving the public interest" while broadcasters like CBS, which remain committed to over-the-air television will provide "a critical and valuable service to the American people."

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