CBS works to conquer live-streaming tech issues as watershed Super Bowl event nears

As the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos work to refine their offensive and defensive schemes ahead of Super Bowl 50, so does CBS in regard to its live-streaming technology.

The network expects a record 1.3 million-plus viewers to turn out to its live stream of Sunday's big game. Like other companies delving into live video streaming, CBS is still trying to solve a nagging problem: delays in a streamed video's delivery that result in viewers seeing a play about 30 seconds after broadcast viewers see it -- and sometimes that delay is as long as two minutes.

"For the sake of fans everywhere, let's hope they are more successful putting the world's most popular television event to the live stream test," said IneoQuest in a blog post this week, noting that last year's live stream by NBC was rated only "mostly OK."

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