CEA study finds Americans not rushing to cancel pay TV service

A study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, "Cord Cutting and TV Service: What's Really Going ON?" has stuck a sharp pin into the sky-is-falling, cords-are-cutting theorists.

The study found that the television--not a mobile device, not a PC, not a tablet--"remains the most popular device for viewing content" and that 93 percent of households view content on their TVs as opposed to computers (49 percent) and car video entertainment and cell phones/smartphones (13 percent).

Those who see the glass as half empty get their moment in the sun in the report's conclusion that one in 10 households did indicate they are "very likely" or "likely" to cancel their pay TV service.

Consumer Electronics Association Pay TV stats

Image source: CEA Market Research Analysis Brief, "Cord Cutting and TV Service: What's Really Going On?" May 2011 (PDF)

For more:
- see this report summary (PDF)

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