CEO Jobs unveils AppleTV

While there have been a few murmurs about Apple's iPhone, or whatever, the real showstopper at this week's Macworld event was the iTV announcement, which saw the launch of Apple TV. Actually, I'm afraid to say that's entirely untrue: 

The product, which retails for $299 allows users to wirelessly stream their iTunes video portfolio to their televisions over a not-yet-proven WiFi standard 802.11n. Apple claims the 40 GB hard drive will store 50 hours of video, up to 9,000 songs and 25,000 pictures. The 7.7 inch by 7.7. inch box will also pull the content from up to five computers at once.

No surprises here, really, the product fails to have the expected Apple "wow" factor. While the brand alone may help push the product to moderate success, the market is flooded with similar products. Like the SlingCatcher (see today's Spotlight).

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