Charter finally launched its Spectrum TV app on Apple TV

Apple TV
Spectrum TV for Apple TV has arrived. (Apple)

Charter Communications has finally released its Spectrum TV app for Apple TV nearly seven months after it was originally announced at Apple’s developer conference.

Charter also said that starting next week and through 2019, its new and existing Spectrum TV and broadband subscribers can add the Apple TV 4K device to their existing accounts for $7.50 per month for 24 months. The device is also available from Charter for $179.

The Spectrum TV app is integrated with Apple's TV app and it also uses Siri for voice search and commands.

The app also offers a zero sign-on feature, meaning Spectrum subscribers won’t have to enter their credentials to use the app as long as they access it via their Charter broadband service. But as MacRumors points out, the app doesn’t appear to work when connecting via other ISP networks.

The app and zero sign-on capability are showing up a little late, as Apple originally promised that both would show up in 2018.

“Apple TV simply detects the user’s broadband network and automatically signs them in to all the supported apps they receive through their subscription—no typing required. Zero sign-on begins with Charter later this year and will expand to other providers over time,” Apple said back in June 2018.

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Apple’s zero sign-on feature went live in December, a few weeks before the Spectrum TV app launched on Apple TV. So far, no announcements have been made about other pay TV providers turning on the feature for their subscribers.

As Apple pointed out in June, Charter joins AT&T’s DirecTV Now in the U.S., CANAL+ in France and Salt in Switzerland in offering their customers Apple TV 4K with their services. But it’s still unclear whether subscribers to pay TV services from Charter will be able to use an Apple TV device exclusively instead of leasing a cable set-top box from the provider.

Prior to turning on zero sign-on, Apple offered the single sign-on feature, which allowed pay TV subscribers to enter their credentials once and then automatically reuse the information for all other corresponding TV Everywhere apps.

The article was updated to include information about pricing for the Apple TV from Charter.