Charter, Verizon settle differences; Broadcom intros HD DVB-C digital cable box on a chip

>  Charter Communications and Verizon have settled three patent infringement lawsuits filed against each other over fiber optic and data networks. Story.

> Australia's national broadcaster, ABC, has revealed its own national broadband network of interactive TV and high-speed news browsing. The first location for the service will be Tasmania where prices will range from $49.95 for a 5 gigabit data plan at 25 Mbps to $159.95 for a 90 gigabit plan at 100 Mbps. Story.

> Broadcom has introduced a high definition DVB-C digital cable box system on a chip (SoC) that includes an integrated DVB-C tuner, QAM demodulator and HD advanced video coding to support China's audio/video coding standard. News release.

> Lookout Mountain (Georgia) commissioners have approved a franchise agreement with competitive fiber optics provider EPB for its Fi TV service that includes cable TV, telephone and high-speed internet. Story.

> The Pakistan Cable TV Association has lifted a ban on telecasts of Indian Premier League 2010 cricket matches. The ban had been imposed when Indians "tried to humiliate Pakistanis" by not bidding on any of the Pakistani cricket team players. And remember, these are nuclear nations. Story.

> Aurora Networks is planning to showcase its fiber deep RF over Glass (RFoG) products to cable operators at the China Content Broadcast Network (CCBN) convention this week. News release.

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