Chattanooga choo choo? City-owned utility set to offer 1 gig broadband

Among all the cities in the U.S.-heck, even the world-Chattanooga, Tenn., appears to be the leader in the ultra high-speed broadband race. The city utility, EPB, said by the end of the year it will be offering speeds up to 1 Gbps making Chattanooga "one of the leading cities in the world in its digital capabilities," said Mayor Ron Littlefield.

Unlike its competitors in the cable and telco space, EPB's top exec Harold DePriest admitted "we don't know how to price a gig. We're experimenting. We'll learn." Part of that learning process will be fathoming uptake from a $350-a-month tag for the service that will be offered to all 170,000 homes and businesses in the mid-sized Southern city.

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