China Cablecom digital subscriber growth hits double digits

In a country with little to no infrastructure to support traditional cable television, China Cablecom is adding digital subscribers at double-digit rates, reporting a 21 percent growth in subscription rates at the end of Q1 2010 as compared to the fourth quarter of 2009.

The company added 40,000 new customers in Hubei Province during the first quarter, where China Cablecom recently purchased a 55 percent share of the existing local cable network.

"This quarter's organic and digital subscriber growth affirms the strength of our cable assets," said Clive Ng, Founder and Executive Chairman of China Cablecom, in a prepared statement.

"This significant increase reflects the broad appeal of the overall industry as digitalization continues to pick up. We anticipate a more aggressive approach as we expect our Hubei assets to reach a 50 percent penetration rate by year-end. The increases in ARPU and organic growth are compelling to both top and bottom line numbers serving to generate long-term value for our shareholders."

Which begs the question, what's on TV?

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