China Netcom selects ZTE for IPTV in Beijing

ZTE has been selected to trial for China Netcom's IPTV service in Beijing. The new network will serve 50,000 IPTV subscribers by provisioning video services including video on demand, broadcasting, time-shifted television, private video recorder and near video on demand, as well as value-added services such as interactive games, information services, instant communications, online albums and e-learning. China Netcom is the country's second-largest fixed-line telecom operator, following China Telecom. In 2005, ZTE landed three IPTV contracts from China Telecom, another contract from Greek TelePassport and one with Emcali for an NGN system including IPTV in Cali, Colombia. China currently has more than 30 million broadband subscribers, with more than 50 percent annual growth, making it potentially the world's largest IPTV market.

For more on ZTE's role in China Netcom's IPTV:
- read ZTE's press release

PLUS: TechnoConcepts has received conditional approval from the Chinese Government to form subsidiary China Jinshilin Techno (CJT) in Shanghai to design, market, distribute, and provide technical support for IPTV-STB in China. Release

ALSO: CCTV's two and discussing a merger and will soon open a new company to serve as a unified platform for broadcasting IPTV programs in China. The name of the new company will be announced around April 1. Article