Ciao Telecom expands IPTV, mobile phone play to the U.S.

International telecommunications provider Ciao Telecom is headed to the U.S. mobile phone market with traditional mobile service as well as IPTV and a live TV streaming service.

The company, which has operations in South America, Europe and the Middle East, is partnered with Sprint (NYSE: S) on a mobile phone service that it said is "designed for global reach" with international calling plans, smartphones and tablets and bundled domestic voice and data plans.

"In addition to our telecommunications offerings, we will offer IPTV-based entertainment services with dozens of channels packaged for each individual taste," said Ciao's Chairman-CEO Eugenio Santos in the press release."

Santos said the carrier plans to use several distribution models in the United States, "but the one I am most excited about is an innovative approach to monetizing social and community networks where consumers can actually be paid for using our services."

He promised to release more information on that plan along with "more detailed information on our distribution programs" in the near future.

Already released is a general overview of coverage plans that include unlimited voice minutes, text and data and "the most affordable international calling rates available," according to Euclides Tavares, the company's president and COO who said that in addition to offering smartphones and tablets from name-brand manufacturers, Ciao would introduce its own line of smartphones and tablets "at significant savings to its customers."

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