Cisco has its head in the cloud at IBC show

It might not be politically correct to say so--or even particularly pleasing to the John Chambers crowd--but Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) seems to have its head in the cloud thanks to interactive TV player ActiveVideo.

Of course it could all just be part of the general sense of camaraderie fueled by exhaustion and revelry that accompanies a big trade show, but Cisco has invited ActiveVideo into its booth at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam to demonstrate its CloudTV platform with Cisco's content delivery system.

What's it all mean? Since the CloudTV technology is software based, it needs a platform like a human needs air and, Cisco is about as ubiquitous as air in the telecommunications space. "Cisco is in just about any account that we might have a relationship with in the future (so) it makes sense to have our software running on their infrastructure," Jeff Miller, president-CEO of ActiveVideo said in a statement delivered to FierceCable.

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