Clearwire near deal with T-Mobile; FCC OKs Clear 4G Wi-Fi modem

> Cable's erstwhile partner/investment/wireless play Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) is apparently ready to take a step that will really steam the clams of the guys at majority partner Sprint (NYSE: S)--perhaps enough to cause an ownership shake-up. Reports have it that T-Mobile is this close to becoming an "equity investor and MVNO" in the WiMAX-based venture. Story.

> Clearwire's (Nasdaq: CLWR) Clear networks received FCC approval for a combo modem built by Gemtek that, in addition to receiving Clear's WiMAX signals, supports Wi-Fi b/g/n. It would become Clear's first wireless home device as all preceding models only support wired Ethernet. And isn't that a little contradictory for a service that's built on fourth generation wireless? Story.

> Elsewhere in the wonderful world of device, Sony has launched a "compact network media player" that offers WiFi as well as built-in Bravia Internet video (Sony's brand name). The unit will hit stores in the U.K. in October, according to reports. Story.

> If you're interested in watching HD content on a PC or mobile device, FilmOn has what you need at its U.S. virtual cable website. The site hosts "over 30 premium free to air television channels and premium international satellite channels" including the red hot Russia Today, Dubai Sports, SCUZZ "and many more," the company said in a news release. Users are expected to pay a monthly $9.95 subscription fee and should probably safely subscribe to a service that reliably delivers 1 Mbps downstream.

> Armstrong Cable is using Sonus' (Nasdaq: SONS) Class 4 VoIP core as part of a "significant network migration project," the two companies said in a news release. The core is designed to help Armstrong migrate its telephony network to IMS and PacketCable 2.0.

And finally... Today's quiz: Name the location that is the target of the following story snippet. "The government will announce its policy on delivering broadband to all homes in (name the country) before Christmas." If you guessed the U.S. you're wrong, wrong, wrong. That promise was made by U.K. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hall who further stated, "We are doing everything we can because our broadband policy is one of the most important things that we will be doing." To be fair, the second quote would probably have tipped you off that this had nothing to do with the U.S. Story.