Comcast begins selling smartphones at East Coast Xfinity stores

Comcast Xfinity Mobile (Comcast)
Until July 31, all Comcast customers can sign up for a $45-a-month plan.

After it initially rolled out its wireless service on the internet last month, Comcast has made its mobile products available in Xfinity stores in the Philadelphia area, New Jersey and Delaware.

Comcast is selling its wireless plans with a choice of Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone models—the priciest equipment plan being a $36.50-a-month, 24-month, 0 APR deal for an iPhone 7 Plus. 

Until July 31, all Comcast customers can sign up for a $45-a-month plan that includes unlimited data and access to the Verizon network via an MVNO deal with the No. 1 wireless operator. Once July ends, only subscribers to Comcast’s advanced X1 video platform will have access to that $45 deal (everyone else will pay $65 a month.)

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Comcast is conservatively looking at a long-term revenue opportunity of $7.5 billion a year from its new mobile service if penetration within its footprint matches that of its landline voice product. So predicts Barclays analyst Kannan Venkateshwar, who published a somewhat bullish note to investors after Comcast finally unveiled Xfinity Mobile last month. 

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With 130 million wireless lines existing in its footprint, Comcast has access to nearly half the U.S. mobile market, “which provides years of growth,” Venkateshwar concludes. 

“Assuming mid-single-digit penetration of the company’s HSD subs over the midterm, this could be a ~$1.8 billion revenue opportunity,” he added. “Over the long term, assuming a penetration rate consistent with the company wireline voice penetration, the company could see up to a ~$7.5 billion revenue opportunity. This could be conservative, in our opinion, given that the nature of wireless (more data-heavy) and voice are quite different.”