Comcast claims no NBC deal

Update, Oct. 5: Time Warner also was observed to be in the mix as a potential bidder for NBC Universal, but the content giant now says it's not interested. You can read that story over at FierceTelecom.

The New York Times reported that cable TV giant Comcast has no deal in place to buy NBC Universal, despite reports to the contrary that emerged Wednesday. The NYT heard from Comcast, which denied the information first reported in media blog TheWrap that a deal was already agreed upon.

Still, if Comcast turns out to be in the talking stages for such an acquisition or eventually does close such a deal, it should not come as too much of a surprise, as one of the TV and movie studio's investors, Vivendi, had been reported earlier as interested in selling it 20 percent stake in the firm.

Also, a Comcast buy of NBC Universal might raise the competitive stakes among TV service providers, as fair access to programming continues to be a hot legal regulatory issue.

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