Comcast crediting angry customers after outage, but won't say for how much

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) said it will give credits to customers affected by Monday's service outage, which hit across its national footprint. 

"Unfortunately, we did not live up to expectations around 100 percent reliability with your TV service," said Kevin McElearney, senior VP of network engineering for Comcast, delivering a mia culpa on the MSO's blog. "We're sorry for that, and we will be crediting customers. Just reach out to us, and let us know you were impacted, and we'll credit you, no questions asked."

While McElearney made it clear that it's up to Comcast customers to ask for the credit, a company rep would not respond to FierceCable's inquiry as to how much specifically would be reimbursed to affected subscribers. 

Comcast said the service blackout started at 10:20 a.m. EST Monday and lasted 90 minutes. 

"While most of our customers were still able to use the Internet, their phone service, on-demand and most broadcast and local channels, many were temporarily unable to watch some other cable networks." McElearney said. 

The engineer also gave a little technical background on the outage. 

"Here's what happened. As soon as we realized people were having issues our technical teams immediately began troubleshooting and found this was the result of a configuration error in a network device that supports our live video network," he said. "Our national video infrastructure is fully redundant, and our back-up systems normally operate successfully when unexpected issues happen. This specific issue caused national cable channels to reroute, which resulted in a service interruption."

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