Comcast debuts new version of the X1 Voice Remote

Image: Comcast

Comcast has released the next generation of its X1 Voice Remote, the XR15.

Since introducing its XR11 in 2015, Comcast has deployed about 18 million X1 Voice Remotes. Both devices are manufactured by Universal Electronics, which has a warrants agreement with Comcast.

The most obvious evolution for the XR15 is the position of the microphone button. “After researching how customers hold and use the remote, our design team placed the round blue button directly where the thumb naturally rests,” said Jonathan Palmatier, VP of product development and consumer devices at Comcast, writing on the company’s corporate blog.  “That button is also in the center of the remote, larger than every other button and made from a distinct material so it can be identified by touch alone.”

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In addition to the new hardware, Comcast is deploying several features that work across new and legacy X1 Voice Remotes. 

“You can now choose to go back or forward in a show or movie by a specific amount of time.  Simply say ‘go back 20 seconds’ or ‘go forward 10 minutes’ to get right to the moment you want to see, right away, Palmatier said. 

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X1 also has a Shazam-like feature that gives you the name of a song and its artist in a movie by simply asking what it is. 

The evolution of the Comcast X1 Voice Remote product comes as other pay TV operators are also deploying voice tech. In fact, Dish released the second generation of its Hopper voice remote last month.