Comcast deepens integration of Pandora into X1

Pandora integration on Comcast's X1 video platform.

Comcast has rolled out a significantly upgraded iteration of the Pandora music service on its X1 platform.

The upgraded version of the digital music service, which is delivered over Comcast’s managed network and is subject to internet usage caps, debuted over the weekend.

X1 users now can access for the first time Pandora’s $9.99-a-month Premium on-demand service, as well as its $4.99-a-month ad-free radio platform. The music services have been integrated into the X1 Voice Remote, allowing users to search for hits with voice commands. 

Users will continue to have access to Pandora’s ad-supported free service, which has been available on Comcast Xfinity video services since 2011. 

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“We’re seeing explosive growth in listening through in-home devices like X1, and we’re proud to be one of Comcast’s premier online music streaming partners,” said Chris Phillips, chief product Officer for Pandora. “Pandora continues to harness the power of X1 in new and innovative ways from voice-activation to easy, intuitive access to music throughout the platform, bringing music to the forefront of your in-home entertainment experience like never before.”

The Pandora announcement comes a week after Comcast said it will begin integrating another music service, iHeartRadio, into the X1 platform, enabling customers of the premium video platform to tune into more than 1,000 streamed radio stations from around the country. 

Pandora's new CEO is, of course, former Sling TV chief executive Roger Lynch, who led negotiations for Sling to be integrated into X1 last year.