Comcast drives up speeds and subscription costs

Speed freaks in California are a little happier these days while cost conscious consumers and elected officials in Illinois are a little unhappier.

The nation's top MSO has introduced its DOCSIS 3.0-based 50 Mbps wideband service to subscribers in the Sacramento, Calif. area. Priced at $99.95 a month when bundled with cable TV service, the wideband offering also provides 10 Mbps upstream speeds and features a deluxe version for businesses at $189.95 a month that includes e-mail, calendaring and document sharing.

Meanwhile, in Quincy, Ill., subscribers are getting higher bills--again. In November Comcast jacked prices up an average of 4.1 percent; on April 24 they'll push them an average of 3.1 percent higher "due to increases in programming and business costs." Mayor John Spring, who received the notification letter, said nothing is a done deal because he questions Comcast's authority to raise rates without concurrence from local officials.

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