Comcast extends Xfinity TV Partnership to LG's 4K TVs

(LG Electronics)

LG Electronics 4K TVs are the latest devices to be brought into Comcast’s Xfinity TV Partners program, which enables devices to use the operator’s video service sans set-top.

Beginning next year, owners of 2017 and 2018 LG webOS smart TVs will be able to stream their X1 program guide to their television via Comcast’s managed network via public beta. They’ll be able to access the X1 program guide, VOD content and their cloud DVR. 

Comcast introduced the Partners program at INTX in the spring of 2016 amid a vastly different regulatory climate that was pushing pay-TV operators to make their services available outside proprietary set-top boxes. 

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Samsung was Comcast’s initial partner. Roku has signed on, as well. 

The program provides standards, based on HTML5, for manufacturers of devices including smart TVs and connected devices to create apps that work in the X1 ecosystem. 

“We remain committed to giving Xfinity TV customers more options for watching their favorite programming in the home, so we’re thrilled to partner with LG to bring our app to their TVs,” said Michael Gatzke, VP of video subscription services for Comcast Cable, in a statement. 

"We recognize that today’s consumers are looking for more choices in how, when and where they access their entertainment, and via partners like LG we can expand the range of devices they can use in the home to do just that,” Gatzke added.