Comcast files for social network remote patent; Amazon's new Comcast storefront takes a critical licking

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> Comcast has filed a patent on a technology that lets pay-TV users share and recommend content to friends on social networks called "Intelligent remote control." The Donahue Report story

> Amazon's new storefront for selling Comcast services has been met with a flurry of negative reviewsDSL Reports story

> Streaming accounted for 34 percent of music revenue in 2015, which was more than what downloads generated, according to the RIAA. Musically story

> One Media said it's begun field-testing ATSC 3.0 "concepts" over single frequency networks on the East Coast. TV Technology story

> Over-the-top has emerged as the fastest-growing segment of video advertising views, according to the latest Magna Global's Media Economy Report. Mediapost story

> Deloitte Consulting said 92 percent of 2,200 polled consumers said they multitask while watching TV, up from just 81 percent in 2012. Deadline Hollywood story

Telecom News

> Level 3 continues to fight for special access reforms, telling the FCC that service providers that buy services under the ILEC's so-called lock-up plans should be able to set the size of the volume commitments. Article

Installer News

> AT&T is making a big push to promote new technology skills within its workforce, including new training for network installers as the operator continues toward its goal of network virtualization. Article

> The FCC's much-anticipated 600 MHz incentive auction could potentially provide a wealth of business for tower providers and wireless network installers once the operators put the spectrum they purchase to use. Article

Online Video News

> When Netflix content guru Ted Sarandos first proposed the strategy to release films in theaters and on its SVOD service on the same day, theater owners went into a minor uproar. That attitude hasn't appeared to soften in the face of a proposed new transactional service, Screening Room, which would let viewers pay $50 to watch a movie at home the same day it's released in theaters. Article

> Adobe is adding cross-platform measurement to its Primetime multiscreen delivery offering and teaming with comScore to better measure and target viewers in multiscreen environments. Article

Wireless News

> In separate meetings with the FCC, executives from Apple and BlackBerry discussed the agency's proposal to increase the length of mobile emergency alerts from 90 characters to 360. They also debated whether those alerts should include links to websites, and whether those websites would hold up under a barrage of traffic from concerned recipients. Article

> AT&T and Verizon are now offering their iPhone customers international calling services through Wi-Fi connections for no extra change. The service is available to the carriers' iPhone users who upgrade to Apple's new iOS 9.3 operating system. Article

And finally… The 2016 version of HBO's hit series Hard Knocks will follow the recently relocated Los Angeles Rams. Multichannel News story