Comcast giving customer invites to try out new XR11 voice-activated remote

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) is getting close to the official debut of its voice-activated remote control, the XR11, and is already making it available to customers for early trials.

On Wednesday, Comcast sent emails to select subscribers, offering them a "thanks for being great customers," and inviting them to try the MSO's "revolutionary voice remote with voice-activated control before its official release."

Comcast has yet to announce pricing or a release date for the new remote, which is designed to work on the X1 video platform with the XG1 set-top and Xi3 client.

The DSL Reports message board has a picture of the remote here.

In January, Santa Ana, Calif.-based Universal Electronics announced that it's a  manufacturer of the device.

As showcased by the email promotion, voice control can be activated with the touch of a blue button (the one with the imprinted microphone). Voice commands, in turn, can be used to search for shows or favorite actors, and to get programming recommendations, among other things.

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