Comcast inks first corporate customer for IPv6 upgrade

While it wouldn't reveal any names, Comcast said it has installed its new dual-stack service that supports both IPv4--with its dwindling supply of IP addresses--and the new IPv6 upgrade.

A "well-known technology company located in the San Francisco Bay area came and switched to Comcast because we have native IPv6 as part of our commercial offerings for access services," John Brzozowski, chief architect for Comcast's IPv6 program told NetworkWorld. "It certainly is a milestone for Comcast. We have more news to come on this front."

Comcast is in the midst of a public trial of IPv6 and expects to transition all its customers by 2012. The MSO--and the whole industry--have to hurry because time and IPv4 addresses are running out, with less than 8 percent remaining unallocated.

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