Comcast job posting points to development of YouTube-like portal

A new job posting by Comcast appears to confirm reports that the cable giant is developing a platform to compete with Google's YouTube. Specifically, the Comcast posting describes a "video portal service that curates the best short-form video on the web."

The description comes from a LinkedIn job posting, seeking a managing editor to work under the VP of programming for the new venture.

"Leveraging our large library of videos, hand-crafted playlists, headlines and copy, and other tactics, this person's voice and ideas will shape the voice of the brand/platform," the ad reads. 

"First and foremost, the managing editor will be an avid fan of web video, and feel passionately about helping the world discover the next generation of content creators," the posting for the Los Angeles-based position reads. "She/he must possess a strategic mindset, and be able to see potential of individual content categories and find the connective tissue between all our content categories. Ideally this candidate will be deeply passionate and knowledgeable about one or two content categories. (eg, food, tech, gaming, comedy, etc)."

Comcast did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the posting.

In early May, The Information reported that Comcast was moving forward with a "YouTube-like" platform that could be either national or global in scope. 

The pub said Comcast has been working on the project for at least 18 months.

"The proposed video service would mark a brand new chapter for Comcast, which would be able to play in a loosely regulated market, reach a national audience, and possibly even make its service available outside the US," The Information added. 

A YouTube-style offering from Comcast could also help the cable company address competition from over-the-top providers like Netflix and YouTube by keeping its customers inside of its X1 user experience.

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