Comcast launches native dual stack IPv6/IPv4 over DOCSIS

Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) has successfully initiated a native dual stack configuration enabling its first group of cable modem customers to access content over both IPv6 and IPv4, John Brzozowski, distinguished engineer and chief architect for IPv6 said in a company blog.

"This is a tremendous milestone for Comcast, cable operators, DOCSIS technology and the Internet community at large," Brzozowski wrote.

The first 25 IPv6-enabled users came online in Littleton, Colo. on Jan. 11 and the test has now been expanded to "additional market areas in other parts of the country" where each user gets an IPv6/64 block from about 18 quintillion unique IPv6 addresses, he continued. Right now the trial uses CMTS and modems from Arris and home networking from Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) but "we will broaden the trial to include other vendors soon," Brzozowski concluded.

Comcast IPv6 transition

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