Comcast, NBC employees fairly satisfied with their companies

A Radio Business Report/Television Business Report survey of Comcast and NBC Universal employees has found that most think their firms are OK to work for, but are not completely enamored with the way they run their businesses.

It's "a good job for those who will sell their soul for money. Their success is because they have great products, not how they run the business," said a Comcast business account executive. "They wouldn't recognize innovation if it hit them in the face," said another.

One less disgruntled worker called it "the next best thing to a union job at the big three" automakers and another said "the supervisors ... really care about me and want me to do well."

NBC Universal comments ran about the same, as reflected by a producer who said "nobody takes you seriously if you do not share the same opinions as everyone else" and an IT director who called the company a "giant conglomerate (that) couldn't care less about the individual people working there." Big, though, is better, because it offers a "great opportunity to develop in the media industry," another IT professional said.

Approval ratings for bosses ran pretty high: Comcast chieftains Brian Roberts (70 percent) and Steve Burke (65 percent) led the approval pack followed by NBC Universal's Jeff Zucker (62 percent) and Jeff Immelt (68 percent).

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