Comcast-NBC match a boon to cable?

Multichannel News has a report that looks more closely at the cable TV industry behemoth that could be created if Comcast ends up acquiring control of NBC Universal (via a joint venture or other structure). Given the distance that such a deal could put between Comcast and its cable industry brethren, it is perhaps surprising that there appears to be some key ways in which the deal could help the cable TV sector as a whole.

The publication suggests that the mega-watt marriage could help speed efforts to get broadcast TV content online in the model of TV Everywhere. Meanwhile, it could also potentially have the heft to challenge programming titans like ESPN, drive greater video-on-demand usage and light a fire under the stock prices of cable TV companies, the story says.

But, if the deal does happen, will it be able to navigate the regulatory challenges sure to arise?

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- Multichannel News has this story

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