Comcast opens largest Xfinity Customer Center

Cable TV companies in recent years have taken steps to improve what had been an infamous legacy of poor customer service. Those efforts include a multitude of different measures, and for Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) one of those measures is to reimagine its customer service centers.

The cable TV giant just opened one of its new customer service centers--and the largest to date, at 4,500 square feet--last week in Colorado Springs.

Called Xfinity Customer Centers by Comcast, the new centers have eliminated perhaps the one thing customers hate most about visiting a cable TV service center: standing in line. Well, customers still have to wait in a line, but now it's a virtual line, as each customer is greeted at the door and has their name entered on an iPad and displayed on a screen. Then, they can walk around the Comcast store within the service center to try out new products such as 3D TVs until their name comes up on the screen and they are personally greeted by a customer consultant.

The reimagining of the Comcast customer experience seems to be all about personalized treatment and the illusion that one isn't really waiting in line at all. CED reports that Comcast hopes to have an Xfinity Customer Center open in Denver later this year. It already has the new centers in Seattle, Cromwell, Conn., Baltimore, and Katy, Texas.

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