Comcast regional VP touts customer satisfaction score improvements despite backslide


Seemingly playing fast and loose with the facts, Comcast Twin Cities VP J.D. Keller declared that Comcast has secured its highest score on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) in the last 15 years, despite the company’s backslide on the rankings this year. 

Speaking to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Keller was touting the results of Comcast’s three-year, $300 million customer service improvement push, which was launched two years ago. 

“We’ve narrowed down service calls to a two-hour window, not the typical four or six hours,” Keller told the paper. “We text or call 30 minutes ahead to let customers know when the truck will arrive. For the past year, we’ve been on time 98 percent of time in the Twin Cities. We’ve hired more people, put more trucks on the street, and improved our training and processes. We’ve spent a great deal of money getting it right, over $2 billion in technology and infrastructure and adding 40 or 50 technicians on street.”

Keller also told the paper that Comcast recently achieved its highest ASCI marks in last 15 years, despite the fact that the No. 1 cable operator’s ASCI score actually slid 6% in the area of TV service in the organization’s latest report, which was released in May. 

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In the areas of broadband service, Comcast’s score improved 2% over 2016, but the company still trailed Charter, Verizon, AT&T and virtually every other major wireline carrier in customer satisfaction.

It’s worth noting that Keller didn’t make this assertion out of thin air. In April, the Portland Oregonian cited the same “best in 15 years” figure, quoting ASCI Research Director Forrest Morgeson as saying, “We would say there’s something there—it’s real impact,” regarding Comcast’s alleged improvements. FierceCable was among a number of outlets that aggregated that report

Reps for ACSI and Comcast have yet to respond to FierceCable’s inquires on the matter.