Comcast removes remote DVR-setting feature as it responds to TiVo patent fight loss

Comcast (Flickr user Mike Mozart)
(Image: Flickr / Mike Mozart)

Comcast has removed a feature that lets video customers remotely set DVR recordings from mobile devices. 

As reported by GeekWire, the cable company responded to a message from an Oregon customer on its @ComcastCares Twitter account with this message: “That functionality has been removed from our apps. If you’re away from your DVR box and cannot schedule a recording and miss a show, check to see if it’s available on XFinity On Demand! We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Customers who try to access the Xfinity TV feature will get this message: “This feature is no longer available.”

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Last week, the International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Rovi Corp. (now known as TiVo) in a three-year old patent dispute with Comcast. The ITC said Comcast can no longer import pay TV set-tops that violate TiVo/Rovi patents related to the setting of remote recordings. 

“We respectfully disagree with the ITC’s decision in this matter,” Comcast said in a statement. “In fact, Rovi has never disputed that Comcast or its predecessors independently developed our X1 platform and our cloud- and app-based technology. While we believe the ITC reached the wrong decision, we will remove this feature from those offered to our subscribers while we pursue an appeal.”

As GeekWire noted, Comcast’s Xfinity TV website still has a live page detailing the procedure for setting up remote recording. 

Comcast actually had 60 days to comply with the ruling.